Fiberglass and Insulation Sleeves
Fiberglass and Insulation Sleeves are acknowledged for their long lasting quality. These products can withstand 310 degree C operating temperature without any interruption. These are used for protecting oil transferring lines, brake lines and pneumatic lines.
Fiberglass and Insulated Cables
Fiberglass and Insulated Cables are reckoned for their shock and crack proof design. These can be used under 1100 v voltage based working condition.  These are also available with braided copper wire for better thermal performance.

Enameled Winding Wire
Enameled Winding Wires are reckoned for their long lasting quality and reasonable price. Made of aluminum and copper, these wires have F/C/H class insulation rating. These can endure maximum 220 degree C operating temperature.
Varnishes and Thinners
Offered in liquid form, this range of Varnishes and Thinners is known for its exact composition and long storage life. These are applied on generator, motor stator and rotor to avoid chemicals. These have maximum 70 viscosity.
Electrical Insulation Tapes
Electrical insulation tapes are made of fiberglass yarns. These insulation materials have unique electrical performance and good tensile strength. These tapes can endure 600 degree C operating temperature and these are 0.30 mm thick.
PTFE wires are acquired for their high thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and maximum efficiency. These are used in numerous applications such as rectifiers, high performance motors and transformers. PTFE wires can be purchased in different sizes, thickness and colors like green, purple, red, yellow, etc.